Prepare/Enrich is a program used for premarital counseling, marriage preparation, and marriage enrichment.  In addition to four sessions, Prepare/Enrich also includes a comprehensive customized couple assessment along with feedback using relationship skill building exercises.  By taking this course, you will not only improve your understanding of yourselves individually and as a couple, but you also receive a discount on your marriage license. 

Prepare/Enrich looks assess numerous areas of a couple’s relationship including: communication, conflict resolution, roles, sexuality, finances, spiritual beliefs, personality, relationship dynamic, and their families of origin.  The goal of Prepare/Enrich is to help couples:

*Explore strength and growth areas

*Strengthen communication

*Learn how to manage major stressors as a couple

*Resolve conflict

*Discuss financial planning and budgeting

*Establish personal and couple goals

*And most of all, to understand and appreciate each other’s personality differences.


Package Price: $300, which includes a customized comprehensive couple assessment and 4 sessions with a Prepare/Enrich certified facilitator.  Includes discount on marriage license.

A la carte: $100 for customized, comprehensive couples assessment.

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